Alison Craig is a professional visual artist living and working in rural North Wales.  She has exhibited widely in the U.K. and internationally, and her work is in private collections at home and abroad.

“My work as an artist is based upon observational drawing, recording my response to the subject rather than simply making a transcription of its’ appearance. This response is taken further in my paintings and prints, where a final image emerges from the physical actions of repetition, layering and erasing colour and line.”


Postcard drawings 2010


Paintings: Llanfair T.H. 2006-2009


Wells/Stones 2011

Yr Heniaith yn y Tir/Land & Language 2014-15

Imaginary Bones 2012-2013


Prints: Walking

Bones/Totems 2012-2014


Curious Travellers 2016, 2017


Shetland prints 2017


Shetland, March 2017

A month’s residency at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse and Visitor Centre.        

Hartsheath Print Project 2017-18

Pushing the Boundaries 2019 – 2021

A follow-on from the Hartsheath Project, with an augmented membership.  This time we are investigating the northern border marches between Wales and England:  walking, talking and making art – but not walking much at the moment, obviously.  

Art and Archaeology 2020

Work from a stand-alone “distance learning” module from the University of the Highlands and Islands, Orkney.

Walking/not walking