About the artist

Alison Craig is a visual artist based in rural North Wales. Her work is grounded in drawing and the experience of being out in the countryside, using mark-making to record her response to the environment and journeys within it.  This response is taken further in paintings and prints, where the final piece emerges from the physical actions of layering and erasing colour and line.  Found objects and text may be included discreetly, reflecting her interest in “deep mapping” and the history of the land and its’ people.  She has recently started to extend her practice into installation and video, using fragments of the real world – found objects and recordings on location – to provide subliminal markers of place and of human interaction with the landscape.

She graduated from NEWI (Glyndwr University) with a B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art in 2005, and has exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and abroad.